Rutherford Massage Therapy Clinic has many highly trained therapists to choose from, depending on the treatment that you are interested in.
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Tara Hannon, RMT

Fascinated with the body and how it works and moves, Tara became a Registered Massage Therapist in the year 2000 after attending a 3-year program at Centennial College. Utilizing a variety of Swedish and Myofascial techniques along with stretching and client involvement, Tara uses Massage Therapy as a means to strive for optimal health. To enhance her massage therapy treatments, Tara has completed the Contemporary Acupuncture program at McMaster University. She has also completed courses in Reflexology, infant massage, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage and ART of the spine and neck. To maintain strong body awareness, Tara participates in a variety of recreational activities. Tara is currently not accepting new clients.

Susan Richard, BT, RMT

With a keen interest in Massage Therapy and helping others, Susan took advantage of an opportunity to make a career change, graduated from Kikkawa College and became registered in 2002. In addition to the Swedish and Myofascial techniques developed at Kikkawa, Susan has also studied Contemporary Acupuncture at McMaster University, Deep Tissue Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology. Over the years, Susan has worked with clients of all ages and varying abilities, including seniors, expectant mothers and business professionals. Whether for general relaxation or to address a specific issue, her goal is to work with and educate her clients, designing each session to meet their needs most effectively and provide a comfortable experience.

Kim Smith, RMT

Kim has been an RMT since 1995 and is also a Certified Pilates Plus Instructor. Kim incorporates Swedish and Myofascial Massage Therapy techniques, Hot Stone Massage and Pilates-based exercise education, with health and wellness education to help you to meet your goals for treatment and relaxation. Kim works with a variety of people from those with injuries or chronic health concerns to those with active lifestyles who want to improve sport performance and prevent injury. All age groups, especially seniors, are encouraged to experience the benefits of Massage Therapy.

Julia Harrison, RMT

Julia became interested in massage therapy after receiving treatment for a low back injury and then went on to graduate from Kikkawa College in 2000. She has taken post-graduate courses in Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage and courses specifically designed for the treatment of the shoulder. She has several years of training in martial arts and enjoys treating sports related issues. Most recently Julia has been certified in Aromatherapy. She enjoys using deep tissue massage techniques and can incorporate these techniques, essential oils or hot stones into your treatment upon request.

Maria Sol Fernandez, RMT

Mari’s studies in Massage Therapy were influenced by her keen interest in human anatomy and pathology. Having graduated in 2009 from Centennial College, her clinical experiences include working with infants, seniors, athletes, expectant mothers, and palliative care. Mari incorporates Swedish Massage, Myofascial and Joint Mobilization techniques for an effective treatment plan. She enjoys treating sports-related and chronic repetitive strain conditions, while promoting the importance of stress-reducing relaxation treatments to enhance overall well-being. In her spare time, Mari enjoys recreational cycling, yoga, hiking, and singing & dancing to her own beat.